Troubleshooting 問題偵測

Minimum requirements (mobile) 規格最低要求(手機):

Browser 瀏覽器Minimum version 版本最低要求
Chrome for Android109
Safari on iOS16.2
Samsung Internet7.2-18.0
Opera Mobile73
UC Browser for Android13.4
Firefox for Android109
QQ Browser13.1
Baidu Browser13.18

Technical browser requirements 瀏覽器技術要求:

  1. ES6 (current Javascript)
  2. WebGL (GPU-accelerated graphics)
  3. WASM support

If the game does not work on your device you think it should, please tell us with:

  1. Device (Pixel 3, Iphone X, ...)
  2. OS (Android 11.2, iOS 13.4, ...)
  3. Browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Line browser, ... including version if possible)

Known bugs 已知問題:

  • Sometimes, the music will not start when pressing the buttons after the game has loaded, and will still say "Press to start". Try pressing in other places on your screen, for example try pressing in the middle of the virtual console screen.
  • On some iPads when full-screen, the d-pad sometimes has some rendering issues with the console screen. Please play without going into full-screen if that is the case.

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